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About my project,


Images and music are the most immediate and universal way to communicate. 

The combination of the seven musical notes, can create endless melodies.

The combination of RGB or CMYK colors, can create infinite patterns. Therefore, my brand is represented by primary colors, associated with musical notes.


The choice of patterns, as a way of artistic expression, is due above all, to the fact that the use of prints, allows a concept or motif to be repeated many times and be part of the user's daily life. Even making ourselves, bearers of messages on our clothes and accessories.

The purpose of all I do is to transmit joy, as simple as that.

My creations only become real, when used in products, branding, packaging, stationery or textiles. That's why the motto of my project is: LET´S CREATE TOGETHER. 

Through licenses or exclusive designs, we can create together countless products that will convey joy.


Finally, in a desire for this industry to be more environmentally friendly, I create most of my designs using Pantone's TPG (textile paper green) color books. Since they contain less harmful elements in their pigments.

A little bit about me,


For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about color. I truly believe it brings hope and joy to the world.


Art in all forms, has always interested me, this is why I dropped medical school to study theater and fashion design in Paris, where I lived for more than a decade.


For several years, I forgot about my creative side and had jobs related to marketing, export or translation.


Currently based in Spain, in 2016  i decided to go back to my roots and adapt my design skills to the new technologies. I used to create with gouache and paint brushes, repeating each color variation manually. Now I use: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


I make customized prints, ready to use under license, applicable to your logo, product or brand.


As my teacher used to say, as an artist, everything has to interest us. I love good movies, musicals, poetry, classical music and all good music in general, healthy food, documentaries, some Netflix or HBO series, comedies, playing the piano and composing little things, decoration, pilates, taking walks with my little dog Nuki, the sea, and good conversations, especially the ones with my sister and my wonderful niece Carmen.


I am passionate about communication and languages. Spanish, French and English, are familiar to me equally. Catalan and Italian to a lesser extent. A few months ago I just started learning Japanese. I'm also working on my own typography. So many things to do and learn!.


I dedicate this website to my family and especially to my grandmother, who always did everything with love and joy. I hope that my work, is the best tribute to the only advice she ever gave me: be patient.


Thanks for visiting my web.


And cheers to patterns!. You can also follow my account:

@gandsilk www.gandsilk.com


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My kind of meditation, sitting at the piano and playing Bach.