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Gloria Franco. Surface pattern designer and founder of G&Silk


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A little bit about me,


for as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about color. I truly believe it can bring  joy to daily life. Art in all forms has always interested me, this is why I dropped medical school to study theater and fashion design in Paris, where I lived for more than a decade. For several years, I forgot my creative side and had jobs related to marketing, export and translation. Currently based in Almeria, Spain,where I was born but had never lived before, in 2016, 

I went back to my roots and adapted the design skills I got from my fashion degree, to the new technologies.

In 2019 I opened this design Studio.

Here you can purchase Illustrator or Photoshop files , at the Online Store with Ready to Use Patterns. Also order customized ones for your brand or products. 

In 2020 I created an instagram account: fandeestampados where I supported and showcased for free the work of other artists during the Pandemic. That was a turning point for me, to get connected with the International Textile Community. In less than a year I got way more than 12000 genuine followers, but the account got stolen and the community lost. From that moment, I changed my views on Social media but not on how I see design, the value of artwork and the respect for everyone involved in the creation of a product.

In March 2021, I launched G&Silk, my Luxury scarves brand, handmade in Spain,  where I can join my creativity with my marketing experience and the love for patterns.  Keeping the spirit of fandeestampados alive and making the artist support real, not only a matter of likes or follows. 


If you are an artist, stay tuned about the Instagram #gandsilk Open Calls.

You can know more about me at my Blog and Instagram accounts.

Thank you for visiting my website.


The patterns

The style of the Studio is always very colorful, bold and playful. They are created in Photoshop or in Illustrator and sent to clients in the native files.


The Logos

Using patterns for your corporate image can be a great touch for your stationery, merchandising or website design. Let's create together the Logo for your brand.


The licenses

Licenses can be exclusive or industry licenses, only exclusive for your sector.

They have no units limitation or expiration date.

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