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Get a License in 3 easy Steps


A General License, allows everybody to use a print. 

Exclusive Licenses or customized prints, are more expensive. 

An Industry license, is much more affordable and grants you the exclusive use for 

your sector. Once it is purchased under a segment, it will be no longer available to

buy, under that segment.


Get one industry license in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit the online store, to see the available patterns. Make sure you read the full 

description of the pattern:

Color Mode ( RGB or CMYK )

With or Without Color Separation and color variations.

Suitable for Digital or Screen Printing.


2. Fill the form to request a license

Tell me about your company, sector and products.

Once a pattern is licensed under a segment, it is no longer availabe for that segment.

You get the exclusive use for your sector, this is why this step is so important, in order to

have the best possible cooperation. I will send you a draft of the license, for your 

company, sector and product.


3. Send me the signed license agreement and proceed to add the design to the 

shopping cart, payment will be made online.


4.If you want to become the owner of the Copyright and order an exclusive pattern, the

minimum price for a single design is 450 euros + Taxes ***where they apply

( Includes Color variations). You can send an email to

You will receive: 

Your invoice.

One license signed by Gloriasurfacepatterndesign for each product we agreed on.

The link to download the repeatable swatch that will become your seamless repeat. 

The file formats I use are: 

Layered Illustrator files: Working tiles, Factory ready tiles, or both.

Layered Photoshop files: Pattern tile and elements + BG.

TIFF. images with the factory ready tile to avoid quality loss.


The price of each Design, depends on the number of swatches.

Also on the type of files, layers, color variations, color separation etc.

The minimum price for a single design is 175 euros + taxes ***where they apply.


Gloriasurfacepatterndesign guarantees: 

A flat fee. 

One single payment.

No royalties.

No need to extend the license, unlimited use for one product/ range.

Exclusivity for your Industry sector.


On your side you undertake to:


Provide an honest information about the use and sector.

Not reselling to a third party.

Not using it on another product other than the one agreed upon.

Once the files sent, we admit no refunds.


***Gloriasurfacepatterndesign remains the owner of the copyright, unless you order

a customized print, then the unlimited use, rights and exclusivity are yours and a 

formal and signed release will be provided.

Request a License Form

Send us an email and Let's Create Together

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